About Us
Orthomedics provides top quality Orthotic and Prosthetic devices to our patients. We offer several prefabricated solutions for orthopedic and post operative care from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Prefabricated braces and supports are always in stock and fit by our certified, professional staff. also Orthomedics designs and produces high quality prosthetics, focusing on comfort and optimal performance for users.

• In 1990 we started our success story in Mansoura city(1st branch)
• In order to further expansion we have opened the following branches:-
- Cairo-El-Dokki in 1998
- Cairo-Roxy in 2002
- Alexandria-Avc in 2010
- Mansoura El Seka 2012
- Cairo-Wadi-El Nil hospital in 2013

We representing large companies in orthotics and prosthesis in the world



• We provide cost effective orthotics and prosthetics devices to help people enjoy their life


• To be market leader manufacture and distributor for orthotics and prosthesis in Africa and   Middle East
• Export our product to European market

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