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Antivarus, Antivalgus Heel Cup
Reduce supination & pronation of foot designed to help align the heel during movement to limit excessive pronation & supination
Cresent toe spreader
Separators made of soft silicone with half-moon shape. Indicated to correctly position the toes. Thanks to its half-moon shape, it protects against discomfort produced by corns and wounds, avoiding friction between the toes.<...
Diabetic Silicon Insole
Insole covered with soft layer to save sensitive skin of diabetic foot
Flatfoot Silicon Insole
1- Flat foot
By using flat foot insole:-
Arch of insole support the medial arch of foot,
Help relive of pain
Prevent progress of the case
2- Planter fasciitis
relieve tension on plant...
Full Lenght Silicon Insole
1- Metatarsalgia
2- Morton's neuroma
- Planter fasciitis
4- Calceneal spure & heel pain
5- Low bock pain , stress on joint

Halux Valgus Night Splint
Night splint designed to prevent and treat the bunions, keeping foot in correct position during the night, avoiding or reducing the pain.
The positioning should be carried out so that the correction of the toe deformat...
Heel cup
*Relive pain & pressure on heel
Especially in case of Relive pain & pressure on heel.

* Cups developed for the prevention and treatment ofl calcaneal spur.
Made in silicone with two densities, offe...
Protector Tube
Tube designed to protect toes injuries or irritated areas. Easy fitting to any thickness reducing pressures and avoiding rubbings on sensitive areas. Exudes a mineral gel keeping hydrated skin. Can be cut. One Size.
Silicon For Bunions
*Bunions shield made of soft silicone with reinforced ring.
* Indicated to protect painful bunions.
Avoiding pressures and abrasions.
Inner reinforced ring with an elastic fabric providing a better consist...
Silicon For Metatarsalgia
. Indicated to relief forefoot pain, reducing pressures and rubbings produced when walking or standing for a long period of time.
Inner reinforced insert with elastic fabric providing a better consistency and fixing. <...
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