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Humeral Fracture Brace
•Management of non-displaced mid-shaft to distal third humeral fractures.

•Allows free range of motion of shoulder and elbow joint.

•One piece design fabricated of moldable thermoplastic.
Arm sling..
• Cotton Material.
• Adjustable Shoulder Strap with slide
buckle for easy application and removal.
• Available in all size even infant size.

• Provide elevation, Protec...
Clavicle Support..
• Shoulder straps covered with cotton .
• Figure of 8 design with 3 way adjustment .
• Movable D-ring for proper adjustment .
• Designed to assist shoulder retraction .

Dynamic Wrist&hand Splint.
•Limits ROM of the wrist, hand, and fingers
•0º-35º of flexion and extension control
•Indicated for post-operative, post-cast, and arthritis management
•Includes soft, foam washable liner
Elbow Orthosis
•Double uprights assure maximum control for enhanced protection.

•Bilateral hinges allow maximum controlled progression of movement.

•Removable hand post with wrist strap controls all planes of...
Extension Splint For Metacarpalphalangeal Joint.
Effective when metacarpalphalangeal extension is limited by distal injuries or after tendon repairs.
Finger Extension Splint
Increases the extensibility of the proximal interphalangeal joint. Buttiniere deformity.

Finger Flexion Splint
For injuries requiring assistance to the flexor tendon.

Flexion Splint For Metacarpalphalangeal Joint
Limited flexion due to paralysis, injury, retraction, or after repair of the extensor tendons
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