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•Innovative orthosis allows progressive and dynamic
correction of congenital forefoot deformities

•Minimizes retractions from muscular or neurological disorders

•Patented multi-direction...
Talipes Equinovarus Shoes
*Congenital Talipes Equinovarus case
*Varus Foot
Above Knee Splint
*Design molded above the knee to tip of the toe to keep the knee and foot in right angle position.
* This customized design can be used to maintain corrective position as a long term treatment either pre-operative treat...
Dennis Brown Splint.
*in case of club foot.
*Made of nice looking light weight high quality aluminum bar.
*Adjustment of foot as 70 dgree for club foot and 54 dgree or normal foot
*maintain foot in its correct position.
Dynamic Hip Splint
•Treats congenital hip dysplasia
•Most effective for initial treatment of acetabular remodeling of stable non-dislocated hip
•Dynamic hinge permits rotation and abduction between 30º and 80º
Flat foot shoes
*For correction flat foot and genu-valgus (mild to moderate)
*Improving foot balance and minimizing Pronation
Hip Abduction Splint
Indicated for congenital hip dysplasia
•Polypropylene, lined with closed-cell foam
•Easy to clean
•90º hip flexion, 60º abdPost-operated case
Pavlik Harness
*Holds hips in 90° flexion and prevents full extension in abducted position
*Foam-lined nylon with color coding side specific straps
*Harness available with or without bootie
*Does not inhibit diaper/nappy ...
Pediatric AFO
1/8” Polypropylene
• Easily modified with heat gun and scissors
• Footplate extends to full foot length
Pediatric KAFO
Prefabricated and preassembled for many full leg orthopedic indications. Especially useful for distal femoral fracture or proximal tibial fractures
• anatomical fit
• Trimmable polyethylene components offer mo...
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