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Abdominal Support.
• Made of ventilated elastic material.
• Provide compression and support for
abdominal area.

• Muscle Weakness.
• Strain.
Arm Sling
• Cotton Material.
• Adjustable Shoulder Strap with slide
buckle for easy application and removal.
• Available in all size even infant size.

• Provide elevation, Protec...
Cervical Pillow
• Specially design to support the
natural curvature of the head, neck
and shoulders.
• The Cervical Pillow is provided with
Cotton Cover easy to wash.
• The correct and regular use of
Clavical Support.
• Shoulder straps covered with cotton .
• Figure of 8 design with 3 way adjustment .
• Movable D-ring for proper adjustment .
• Designed to assist shoulder retraction .

Hinged Knee Support .
• Designed to give a good level of support.
• Metal hinges provide additional support to
the inside and outside of the knee.
• Adjustable straps ensure an accurate fit.

Knee Immobilizer
• Made of high quality material provides excellent comfort .
• Two lateral light-metal stays
• Three posterior rigid light-metal stays for more support .
• Pre-contoured for good support to
Lumbar Pad
• It is designed to gently support the back in the natural balance “S” Shape.
• Made of 100% Mold Memory Foam.
Lumbosacral Support (Fatty design –belly)
• Advisable to use it with obese patient
(belly) because it is provide two front
movable pieces to catch abdominal
region to make good support.
Lumbosacral Support .
• Have 4 posterior shaped metals
which provide support and stability.
• Highly ventilated elastic material which provide
compression and comfort at same time.
• Anterior part shorter than posteri...
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