What's in a prosthetic leg?
A prosthesis is a replacement limb made up of a number of parts.
Orthomedics designs and produces high quality prosthetics, focusing on comfort and optimal performance for users.

Orthomedics is committed to providing its customers with products and services of highest quality this is achieved through a process of continuos assessment and improvement to maintain customer staisfaction.

Orthomedics  is sole agent of  trulife which  is preminent   global manufacturer  of prothesis

Orhomedics  provide trusted product with proven designs that meet or exceed industry standards for the quality around the globe.
 Product selection
Many different factors have to be considered when fitting a prothesis including general health and weight of amputee also  the level of amputation and the length and shape of residual limb ,all these factors have to be considerd when selected the type of prothsis .

Also the activity level of the patient is one factor must be considered  when fitting a prothesis .
Low impact level
Desinged to enable single or slightly walking
Daliy activities involving limited walking and minimal loading force on the foot.
Example : household tasks
Moderate activity level
Desinged to enable varied cadence walking
Daily activites involving normal and repetitve actions with moderate amout of       loading forces on the foot
Examples : Long walking and moderate activity
High impact level
Designed to enable high cadence walking,daily activites involving repititive       actions with high level of impact on the feet
Sport level
Designed to enable high impact sports
Activities with repeated extreme level of impact on foot
Example :long distance running
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